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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miss you Dad.....

It’s been one year….. I miss my dad very much. Still remember last year going home late after work, giving him a glass of water asking him to be calm…. But next day morning he was no more….. It’s very difficult to accept that he is not physically present in my life anymore ….. Being the only child I have spend so much time with him… During my childhood days my aunt used to say even if I ask for an airplane my dad will get it for me….

I used to have 13-14 goldspot (Popular cool drink at that time) when I was young…. And he made sure that I get it whenever I ask for it….. 3-4 Fruit salads at Ashoka hotel…. He took me there daily….. Whatever I want, whenever I want…. How much ever I want it was there… and it’s only because of you dad… Every birthday my dad used to get me McRennett cake…. A tradition which is followed every year with only three people present - dad, I and mom.….

Dad you gave me a great lesson at the end of your journey, to be bold; what life is all about, and what all must be done when you are alive…… You have given me so much happiness in my life….. its very difficult without appa, You are the most loveable person on earth and I wish I am atleast 20% of what you were to me and others.

Miss u a lot……

Always Yours

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Life is a circle - Back to Square one

Today is a day to cherish….. want to know why…. I have found the best 5 reasons to be single;
1.Only a small hole in your purse for Petrol and mobile bill.
2.Lots of time to complete your personal work .
3.No arguments, no hard feelings….. just relax and chill.
4.You will understand the need of your friends and parents more, who no matter wat; will never leave you.
5.Deep and early sleep.

Days pass through like years

Can’t believe I am capable of saying this, but recently an event happened in my life and every single day is like a year, I am absolutely lost; to say the least…. The other day I reached home by 7.45 P.M, that itself was news to my mom , then I sat In front of her and offered to help for dinner , I have never seen her laugh so much ……. She half laughed and half coughed for 5 mins and asked me wats the problem……???????

I only write blog when I am depressed……. I should first change that attitude…. May be I am in this bad state because I have not expressed wat I really feel when I am in good mood……. I will take it as a good lesson and move forward in life…….. hope I will always be god’s favorite child and he helps me come out of this depression.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heart Warming Experience

It’s been one year since I started blogging….. There has been many occasions where I thought I should post a pic which caught my eye and inscribe about it … I wanted it to be so perfect that I waited for almost a year for it…. I actually consider myself as a person who has good photogenic sense and all (Comedy la)…. So just imagine how I have controlled this aspiration in my mind for such a long time…..

India 20-20 World cup victory snap, Boris Becker Wimbledon snaps, Lewis Hamilton F1 snaps, Friends series snaps with Matthew Perry and Matt Lee Blanc, Sensex upward moving graph, close friends leaving HP, my gang of school friends, Goa trip snaps, Rajini Sivaji stills, Aishwarya rai, Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom II, 1000 odd snaps taken using my Camera mobile.. etc etc. These are few of the things which come to my mind now; these pics initiated the thought of me having a go at it…..

Finally the moment has come and I am really happy and overwhelmed to do it………………

Never in my dreams had I thought that I will post my own pic….. not even if you somehow manage to mesmerize me or something ... but it has happened….. This was given to me as a gift from a dear friend….. Asha on Oct 15th 2007 at 8.40 P.M. Needless to say about the time and the effort she has put in to create this… you can see for urself…. This lass has many talents and everytime she surprises me with her creativity.

She succeeded in surprising me this time too… that too big time… you will never believe I even forgot to react when she gave me the gift…. People around me even teased her ….well for the first time in my life I think I owe one person an explanation for my behavior….

To say the truth I was spell bound….. I was really touched and weighed down by the gesture that I was not able to react… was wondering whether I deserve this from you or from anyone else for that matter….. was wondering why so much crowd attention for me….. was wondering where you got the time to do it…. Was wondering from when did you have so much patience in completing a task…. Was wondering how am I going to preserve this….. so many questions that I forgot to react…

Asha, may be I am really a dumb ass as people quote for not reacting… but... you have made Oct 15th 2007 as one of the most unforgettable days in my life and you gave me a gift to cherish for my life time…. I don’t have my photos framed … My mom scolds me for that… Infact I rarely get myself pictured…. I can assure you that this art is going to be my remembrance about my Youth for time to come and you are the reason for it….

“Thank you” might not be the fitting word to use her….. You sure made feel on top of the world on that day and not many people have done that……

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gosh – I do feel good when I smile

Recent past has not been great for me. Lots of worries and problems, well that’s life right…. There are some positives and negatives…. But with all this going on…. I forgot that there is something called a smile or rather enjoying life……

I watched one English movie today and it was kind of an emotional movie….. One scene was so touching that I stood up started to smile seeing what’s happening on the screen…. I paced around my room, back and forth till the scene was complete….. It was a happy scene…. And I laughed seeing the end…. My heart felt light….. I had cold and cough today… but for a moment my body forgot that I was ill….. I kept smiling for some 15 minutes after the movie got over and guess wat; my mom came out of the kitchen and said hey u look good today…… All the problems which I had in my mind vanished for a few minutes….. At that moment I realized “Hey man you have not been smiling for a while”….. Then I sat to analyze why am I not smiling?

There are a number of reasons for me not to smile, which is not worthwhile to discuss here. But whatever may be the problem…. One should take some time out to enjoy life…..Does this happen only to me…. No right… everyone has problems….. But does everyone forget to smile like me…. I don’t think so…. May be few like me…. But definitely not everyone…..

There may be times when something is bothering you and suddenly you become serious….wats is that u achieve being serious, showing a stiff face to the ones who are near and dear….. Even though it doesn’t happen knowingly…one should have the ability to realize that life is too short to be filled with only worries. When you have the time on your side, enjoy… what’s the probability that the same situation will be presented before you in the future……..

Some moments are rare to occur….. and being clumsy at that point will not only make u unhappy but it was also lead you to long for love and affection in the future. Do you need a reason for you to smile, yes everyone does, but when an opportunity is presented to you… don’t ignore it and mourn for it later.

From now on… when I am a bit serious and not in a so called good mood, I am going to make sure that I am gonna live the moment and make others enjoy my company. Worries will be kept aside and will be remembered only when necessary. I wanna savor all good memories in my heart and live life peacefully.

Hope I achieve this dream; yes it is really a dream for me and ofcourse a big step too… I got a SMS this week from one of my friends….. Happiness is like a FM radio station… when you tune the right link… the songs you like will start ringing in your ears…… I shall start to tune in the right link, hope it enriches my life.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Farewell My Friend

The last one of the breed is also going today out of Hp following others. This one is pretty special, as only to this person I had made my first attempt of developing a friendship at Hp. The funny thing is she attracted my attention using popcorn, slowly friendship grew and I have to admit it has grown through some tuff strides and hurdles.

She is as bubbly as you can imagine… ready to do adventures things when asked for, willing to be dare devil, always has a passion for life and has a different way of enjoying it. But you have to be careful with her (esp the close ones) – don’t be on a funny mood and let out words which will affect her dignity. I once did that, and I am still suffering, she wont even touch me for fun, as I once said “Don’t keep ur hands on a teenage guy” during the early days. I have always felt jealous when she is playing around with other guys, even though I understand her better than most. she won’t even come near me and always maintain that distance.

I have always liked her company… best or worst….. She has given me the right direction in most of the difficult situations and more importantly was with me. I have been with her for the past 4 years and enjoyed her company thoroughly, I would get most offended when she scolds me, dunno why…but that’s always been the case…. May be she is too harsh or something…..

First girl with whom I have had a long ride on a bike (Ambattur to R.A Puram), that too when I had little experience in driving a two wheeler, First girl who gave me a diary milk on valentines day and on the same day for the first time ever brought me down on my knees with a red rose addressing her. First person to call me up before my exams and give me shocking news without giving any respect to my study preparation bcoz she wanted to be the first person to inform me.

You have clinched on to me on two occasions – one at the beach scared of a monkey and the other one was on a boat ride at wayanard, can’t ever forget in my life. These are only a few memories among thousands of fruitful moments, which if I start to explain will never end. She has accompanied me for 3 tours till now outside Chennai and all have been fun.

She always has thought me as a flirt till now, wish somehow she could change her mind only on that point, as I have come off my heights in that area of expertise. Will miss you dearly, cant say why; because of the distance you keep from me or for your scolding, but occasionally you too have shown some affection on me , that’s a rarity but that the way our relationship has been all these years.

Farewell my friend, though you are out of HP, you can always count on me for any sort of help, farewell again. I know you won’t like me being emotional or anything of that sort when you are leaving, so with a smiling face I am saying – “Have a great life outside HP”.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

On Womens Day

In the past i.e. 1900’s-1980’s women were portrayed as one who does all the household works and takes good care of the husband and her children’s.

The main reason for portraying women like this was because men were considered superior to women because they earn more and majority of men compared to women were educated. Considering the situation at that time and since I was not there to witness it probably you can say that women were treated in a manner which they dint deserve.

Since earning women at that time were very low in number the tax slab for women was also higher compared to men, this move by government must be really appreciated as it encouraged young girls to follow the trend set by earning women and claim the benefits given by the government.

Now the recent Taxation policy released by our finance minister also gives more leverage to women than men, women have been given a luxurious tax slab of 1.35 lakh, while men are given a mediocre 1.10 lakh. The finance minister has followed the trend of giving benefits to the female community and we can’t completely blame him as he is the one person who is well educated and knows what he is doing, many tax reforms introduced by him are good examples to vouch this statement.

But as common people, do we agree to this different tax slabs to men and women, lets take few examples and discuss this issue.

Various women organization have been chanting for a while now for equal rights for women i.e. 50-50, if everything is to be equally divided why should the tax slab be different.

I work in a MNC and when I turn my head around in my office women are a good percentage higher than men, you have to actually long to a see a male companion to have coffee with or to have a dirt talk. The number of fresher’s out of college who are women are higher than men and more campus interviews are conducted at women’s college by major MNC companies.

Ok, lets say may be the truth is that women are more intelligent at college level and thru their smartness they get jobs easily ( I am prepared to analyze this at each and every level) , wat happens after they get married, while they are in the job, maternity leave of 3 months with paid salary. Wat they go thru for giving birth to a child is a feeling you cant express and three months is too short in my opinion so lets not dig into this issue any further.

After the child is born, when the couples go out with the child you can easily see that the child is the responsibility of the father… the father will be running behind the child to feed the child while the mother will be watching the scene with laughter. Even yesterday I saw a similar situation happen in a restaurant.

Women population as a whole is also in increasing trend, tax reforms are formed with the purpose to collect money for major government activities, if women who have easily outplayed men in the current environment are more in number and they get all the benefits how come the tax paid to the government will increase and who will be on the losing side.

March 8th is regarded as women’s day, is there any day for men…… I don’t think so….. Women give birth and they are bound to be workshiped, but here also the benefit to the women is comparatively more than men.

I am sure many of us have heard of the term “house wife” or “home maker”, I have always wondered the origin of this term and curious to know its inventor .Apparently, house wife or home maker is a term used to refer to married women who is not officially employed to get a handsome salary but in all fair terms does fair bit of work.

I am sure going at this rate in the near future there will be lot of demand for a particular job… people will be standing in big queues for this job - “house husbands”.

I am not saying that the tax slab for women must be reduced… men and women are almost treated the same in India right now and this should make the government think that both have the equal right to pay tax at a equivalent rate with a similar tax slab.

I am not against the benefits women have got all these years, I am just worried about the fact that if everything is to be treated the same (sometimes its slightly sliding towards the women’s side) the tax slab must also be the same.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Relationship – The End Result – Guy’s Point of view

After two blogs about relationships……. Ppl have started to ask me wat are you trying to say here… (I was hoping something nice about my blog, but this is wat I get………) so here goes my attempt to explain wats the end result of broken relationship….

Since I am a guy I would be able to explain better form a guy’s point of view (although many girls will definitely see this as partiality)…….. When girls say no to you for any reason…… think from your heart whether you really like the person and want to spend the rest of your life with that person…… small “TIT for TAT” will happen in any relationship… ignore the small fights…… does the girl really care that you should not get hurt… if so wait for that person to come back to you and believe me they will eventually…… however this happens in most rare cases….. After you had it once from a girl… u cannot expect any mercy from her for sure…..

From my experience ( of seeing others… lemme be specific atleast this time ..) once a girl says no to you and you feel hurt …… stop persisting…..believe me she would have thought it over and said done for the good… she would like you to be her friend…. She will call you on friendship day and wish you….. but nothing else…. If you still persist before you know it ….. the next call will be on next years rakki day….. so better be careful… don’t persist….. once a relationship is over… its over for the good… no matter how many times you try to bundle up the old feelings and throw it out… it will always be there in your memory…. It will never be the same……

The general theory ( I know that all the girls I know are going to hate me for the rest of my life for saying this … but this is wat I feel) is – “sometimes a girl has to kiss a lot of frogs before she can find her prince and few guys will just be one of those frogs who if allowed will turn to a clingy toad (feeling for it)…….. so guys take life as it comes…. Enjoy the dating scene before you become old…… if you live in your past then you will be stuck with your own sorry company and nothing else…..

This ofcourse is not the ground rule for end of a relationship… individuals differ…. So there is every chance that there can be exceptions and I am one too.